Resilient and Thriving Divorced Mom is here to provide a safe place for divorced and separated moms to visit, connect, recharge, and re-engage. I do not have it altogether but I look forward to learning and growing with you. Many times, I have hungered for a community but had no place to go.  My heart’s desire is to extend to you the community I needed but could not find at a very painful time in my life.

Here is how:
  • Are you looking for tried parenting strategies that may work better for you and your family?
  • Do your children with special needs drive you crazy when you’re doing school? Do you want to give up and drop them off at a brick and mortar school now, and ANY school will do? Are you looking for ways to reach your child and not lose your mind?
  • Do you need support on those days when you are ready to pack it in and hide in your bathroom ALL DAY!?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need or desire to connect with someone, another mom, who gets your frustration and understands the challenges of single parenting, divorce, special needs, and adoption?
  • Do you feel like you and your kids don’t “fit” the mold and don’t belong with all the ‘normal’ families?
  • Are you looking for a place where you can feel hopeful that things can improve and become healthier and happier?

About Judy

I am Judy from southern British Columbia, Canada.  I am a mom, a former brick and mortar school teacher for nearly 20 years,  a homeschooler for almost 10 years, a competitive Scrabble player (yes, there is such a thing), an avid reader, a divorced (almost) woman, a former foster parent, an older than your average mom (I’m not telling). I am imperfect, a perseverer, an overcomer, and so much more!  Most importantly, I am a Christ follower.  I have a dry sense of humour and a heart for the hurting; I have experienced massive betrayal and hurt and have a deep desire to turn my pain into joy and to walk alongside others.  I have three children: Alex age 18, Matthias age 16, and  Mia age 10 (names changed to protect their privacy) .  They are my joy and together we have journeyed through much.  Although not always a pleasant experience, they have molded and shaped me into the mom and person I am becoming. I was married for nearly 27 years before it all came crashing down.  Over the last 4 years, with the support of a few amazing people, I am working my way toward building a new and healthier life for myself and my kids.  A life I have never known before this. A life that I would like to share.  I would be honored if you would be a part of this brand new community: Resilient and Thriving Divorced Mom.

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